At The Dog Box,we don't
just curate the boxes for
your dog's personality,
we create experiences
around it!

Our Story

The origin of The Dog Box started back in 2019 at the University of Warwick, where Harshit, our founder, was tasked to write a dissertation. Little did we know that this 30,000 word document would play such a crucial role in developing our envisioned platform!

Fast-forwarding a year, wherein we surveyed over 700 people, brainstormed for 1000s of hours and underwent countless iterations, ‘The Dog Box’ was finally born, with three determined co-founders; Harshit, Harsh and Kushal at its helm. Together, embarking on a quest to revolutionize the way pet parenting works.

So long story short, what began as a one-line idea has today paved the way for us to define our journey!

Our Vision

To give all dogs the finest experience by providing them with curated one-stop boxes that take care of all their essentials and more.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind the creation of The Dog Box is to deliver a million smiles through customer intimacy. We want your pet parenting experience to be simple yet surreal.

Beyond The Box

Going beyond our boxes, at The Dog Box, we aim to make a difference for every dog out there. For every box that is purchased, we feed a stray. In essence, every time you buy a box, you are looking out for your dog and their furry friend. So come and join our tribe as we strive to build a more dog inclusive world, one box at a time.

The Founders

Harshit Kabra


"I have always wanted to create a life from which I don't need a vacation. With The Dog Box, I may have just done that."

Harsh Vardhan Chandak


"Disrupting the traditional brick and mortar pet space by creating a service that adds value and truly stands out is something that I'm so glad to be doing."

Kushal Kabra


"When passion transforms into your business, it results in something enjoyable. For me, The Dog Box is an example of just that."